So your off travelling in a few months time, tickets booked, accommodation booked but there are so many little things you need to still work out !!

Whats my budget? What am I going to wear ? How do I use my phone overseas without getting charged an arm and a leg ?

Lucky for you, I have 5 quick and easy tips you must know before stepping on that plane and going overseas!

  1. Make a quick trip to your doctor and make sure you have all the proper vaccinations for your holiday destination.
  2. Make sure you have INSURANCE ! The last thing you want is to go overseas and think to yourself, “I wish I had insurance”. The only memory you will have is the one thinking to yourself “Damn, I should of got it”.
  3. Organise with your bank and phone company all the things you will be required to do before going overseas. Ask yourself these questions: Will my card work overseas? What will be the fees? Do I have local cash ready? Will my phone let me call internationally? What will be the charges? How will I use internet?
  4. Make sure to carry around a secure bag that you can carry in front of you. There are PLENTY of pick pockerts.
  5. Don’t forget to pack overseas adapters, camera (spare batteries), spare clothes and DO NOT FORGET your passport. (Ensure to keep a copy of your passport,license and your tickets) If you are anything like me, loosing things is a habit, so please make sure to keep a spare copy of your all Β documents.



  1. Great post and site! Many thanks for stopping by and following my Travel and Photography blog.

    I too saved for a couple of years before my first trip overseas and solo-backing around the world for 12 months back in 1985. I started at 22 and returned at 23 to Australia.

    Careful, travel is a drug that once is in your veins, will never leave. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Some great ideas in your post, I would like to add one little tip if I may?
    I carry around a little bag with some emergency medications, simple things like anti nausea pills, anti diarrhea, ibuprofen, allergy pills etc. There is nothing worse than being on a plane for a long time and not having access to these types of pills that can fix the problem real quick

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      1. Buenos Aires. Others on the subway figured it out pretty quickly and expressed their regret. Unfortunately, the thieves were well practiced and had made a quick exit.


  3. Great advice, all accurate and true! Since you are only 20, and probably quite healthy, you may not have considered “stocking up on medications” as an important part of travel. I am fortunate that I don’t have any medicine needs (yet) but my in laws do and they had to stock up, which takes planning. A number of folks need epipens for allergies too. Just something to consider for your older viewers πŸ™‚

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  4. Greetings. These are a great list of tips for the practical and checklist type or the person who overlooks this type of thing, which could well include myself. One of the things to keep in mind, is how long you are going to be away for. I’m Australian and when I was 22 I went backpacking through Europe and actually ended up basing myself in Heidelberg, Germany most of the time. I was gone for about 9 months. That’s a completely different experience to someone who is only going for a few weeks and is trying to jam as much in as possible. I could largely take my time and soak in the places I visited. I actually spent a month in Paris. If you are going for a short time, I’d plan my itinerary before I left and have it pretty tight. On the other hand, if you’re going for a longer period of time, I’d try and meet the locals. Walk around the place and really get a feel for it. Also, decide what you’d like to see and don’t feel you need to be a checklist traveller. Life is too short.
    Best wishes,

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