Have you ever been to a destination that literally has 4 weather seasons in 1 day? If you haven’t experienced Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring all  in one day, pack your belongings & head over to the beautiful city of Melbourne in Australia.


In December 2016, I decided to take a quick trip to Melbourne for a few days. Melbourne is definitely the place to be, you have your fancy restaurants, top quality cafes, beaches close to the city and the nightlife is endless. You may of heard the saying, “Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world”, personally I think this saying lives up the expectation.


Melbourne has many transport options. If you want to to get from A to B, you can either catch a tram, train or bus. You will need to purchase a “Myki card” & top it up with money. But remember to read the signs because you don’t need to pay for some zones in Melbourne (How awesome is that? Yay to free transport!!!!)

Also if you are from out of state and your losing your Melbourne virginity, I would definitely recommend buying a hop on hop off bus tour. This bus tour is so convenient because it takes you around the “tourist spots” in Melbourne. You can literally hop on and off anytime you want.



A popular destination you must see whilst in Melbourne is China Town. China town has delicious restaurants, entertainment and shops everywhere you look. When I explored China Town, I took my hop on/hop off bus tour and got off at the China Town stop, how convenient !


I explored St Kilda pier on my last day in Melbourne and let me tell you guys the views are absolutely amazing at sunset. It’s just breathtaking, you feel so relaxed and at ease. These views are a great aspect to the St Kilda Pier but the list does goes on. The St Kilda Pier also has penguin viewing every night of the year, they usually come after sunset.


My only advise for Melbourne City: You will need a map!

WOW- that was my first reaction when you go in to the city,  there are shops literally left right and centre. When I first went into Melbourne city I was lost, I just didn’t know where to start. There is so much to see & eat its amazing. Safe to say you won’t get bored!


A must see thing to do in Melbourne is go have a look at the laneways, it’s a great way to take in the beautiful artwork  and take a few  selfies along the way. Now, If your all selfied out for the day, you can go grab a bite to eat in the laneways, there are several cafes and restaurant all along the strip. This just seems like an ideal world, you have your art work and food all in one spot !



Luna park is an amusement park, which is a great way to go and spend a fun family day out. When I went to Melbourne, unfortunately I didn’t go Luna Park as I had so many other activities planned, although I did travel past it with my hop on hop off ticket. If you have kids or even if your an adult (a kid at heart) go visit the theme park and make a day of it!


Are you that type of person that wants to take photos of absolutely everything, well join the group! I know the perfect place to take photos from sky high and literally see Melbourne from a birds eye view. Buy a ticket to Eureka Skydeck 88. It has amazing views that you can capture. Whilst I was at the top I also experienced the edge glass box experience. You are literally in a glass box with a few other people hanging from the side of the city. Thrilling experiencing but defintley nerve racking.

My 1 tip for Eureka Skydeck 88 is too make sure you visit the Skydeck when the weather is not so foggy. I mean who wants to go up 297 metres just to see nothing but FOG, so ensure check out the the weather forecast for the day.


Honestly, Melbourne would definitely be my ideal world to live in, there is just so much to see and do. Although before you head over to Melbourne, please consider your outfit choices whilst packing, you will literally need to pack 4 seasons of clothing in your suitcase because you never know what the weather of Melbourne will be like.



9 thoughts on “MELBOURNE – 4 SEASONS IN 1 DAY

  1. As a postcript, Melbourne has just been voted The Most Liveable City in the World (for the 7th year running). But watch those dark laneways at night (just as you would the world over). Melbourne is a city of contrasts and pickpockets are no more rare than any other city.

    ….and secondly, apart from packing for every season of the year, don’t forget if you’re travelling on your own or with a friend, you’ll be seeing different people and sights every day. Don’t take your whole wardrobe. No one knows you’ve had the same outer clothes on 4 days running. Don’t overpack – leave room for momentos and memories. Who wants to get exhausted lugging around heavy luggage or backpacks through airports or train stations.

    If I was young and still had the finances, one of my dreams would be to travel with only a change of clothes/shoes, a week’s worth of knickers and a small toiletries bag in a lightweight backpack. Is it possible, who knows, but I’d love to try it.

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