Thailand- A place that is filled with Tuk -Tuks, culture, stunning beaches & a crazy night life ! What more can you want? 

Grand Palace Golden Temple

Words cannot even describe how beautiful seeing these temples were. Mind-blowing to say the least ! Every little ounce of the temples were finely crafted & designed to the absolute T. Gold, Gold, Gold everywhere, It was honestly breathtaking. 


You’re not really experiencing Thailand if your not canoeing through the Caves of Thailand right? This is an ultimate must for all travellers! We found a day tip tour that had taken us on a cruise boat, (provided lunch buffet & activities). Then when sunset hits, we went in to the breathtaking caves. Experience this for yourself, as words cannot  describe how amazing this was. 

Floating Markets 

Floating Markets, its literally a dream come true. Instead of using your feet to walk , you can literally sit down and watch the markets float right past you. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely prefer to float then walk 🙂


Typical tourist destination I know ! PHI PHI Islands is gorgeous. Scenic views, chilled vibes and most importantly you can get your tan on ! 


The history of the bridge is well known, as it was part of the railway lines in World War II and had seen its share of conflict and bloodshed. After World War II, the damaged bridge was renovated by the Thai government in 1946. – Tourism Thailand


Honestly, I am not just saying this but Thailand has been one of my favourite holiday destinations to go. It definitely wasn’t a “sit back” type of holiday. We had activities planned out each day so we literally were on the go. Thailand is a place to explore & get to have a feel of the culture. I would definitely recommend Thailand on your bucket list 🙂 







  1. Your blog is looking great, only read a few of your blog posts so far but it has sparked my curiosity.

    Thailand (& SEA) is on our to do list, hopefully for a few months on bicycles. Being close to home it’s sort of been put on the back burner until we complete some more challenging (?) multi month tours.

    Happy travels

    Team wiljen

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  2. Great photos. You’re inspiring me to go back to Thailand. I spent a week there back in 1992 and my resounding memory is being incredibly ill while staying in Ko Samet and being stuck in traffic in Bangkok. This is probably why I haven’t thought of going back. We went to New Zealand on our honeymoon and that was incredible. Thinking about going back in January or going back to Tasmania, my husband’s home state.
    Best wishes,

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      1. We are planning to go away in January while our kids are away with Scouts but have opted for Byron Bay and going into Queensland. I’m looking forward to it.


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