So you are off to Fiji in a couple of weeks ! You have everything planned out and all you need to do now is wait for the departure date. But before you catch a plane to your holiday destination and dive in to those cocktails, I want to inspire you all with a few tips and ideas to get you in to that “travel mindset”.



I know we all hear from time to time to write down your goals and tick them off one by one. But trust me, this will work ! Once you know what destination your travelling too, sit down in a quiet spot and have some time to reflect on what you want to achieve out of this holiday. It can be as little or as crazy as you like. Maybe your goal is to just zone out and relax or maybe it can be something extreme like sky diving (frighting I know). But the point of this whole exercise is to get you in a positive mindset even before departing for the trip away. If you book a holiday away and start off with negative vibes, can anyone guess how the trip may turn out? I will let you decide on that one ….


My mother always brags on about “organisation is key” blah blah blah and obviously as a young adult sometimes organisation is not on the cards for me but in this case it should be ! The more you plan before your trip, the less things you will need to worry about !

  • Book your activities prior to travelling – this will ensure more time creating adventourus memories and less time organising the daily itinerary.
  • Create a folder – If its a big holiday away, why not print off your important documents and keep them in the folder. This will include things like: copies of passports, flight tickets, itineraries, vouchers etc.
  • Pack clothes that are required for the trip. If you are wanting more of an adventurous holiday away and less of a shopping spree type of holiday. Ensure to only pack clothes that are needed for the trip. For example if your going to the snow your not going to pack thongs and singlets are you? Thinking is key !


Booking a holiday away can be so exciting, nerve racking and definitely COSTLY all in one. Try your hardest to save as much money as possible before the trip. The more money you save the less restricted your mind will be be ! This will already change your mindset because instead of having those negative thoughts of “missing out”, you can go and splurge on those 10 extra cocktails because you worked darn hard for that !


POSITIVE ! POSITIVE ! POSITIVE ! Is something that I always talk about but it is true. Stay positive from the beginning of your holiday right until the end. Always remind yourself that there is always a way to turn something around. Think of a solution and not another problem, think of a way out and not another way to give up. Trust me, the more positive you stay, the better the outcome will be !


Do you have any other tips or ideas to have a “travel mindset”?  I would love to keep adding on to my list of things 🙂


  1. I really like the last one and will just add, see an adventure in every experience because not everything will go as planned but there’s still beauty in the experience. 🙂

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  2. Another great post! Really enjoying your highly shareable content!
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  3. This is so true. It’s all about mindset and being prepared. Things don’t go as planned always but choosing to be happy is important. I got sick whilst traveling to Berlin but still had a great time. Because I stayed positive. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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  4. I’m an unorganized traveler. We book the flight and the first two nights hotel and that’s it. This usually leads to a fun vacation full of unexpected trips. The only time we had an issue was in India with traveling by train. It all worked out in the end but we did have to pay a bribe. All part of the experience!

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  5. I also like to take a folder with travel info, car rental, etc., and also serves as a place for receipts and info gathered on my trip. I’m not one to rely solely on my cell phone.

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